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Why it's wrong to steal bandwidth

If you embed graphics from a site such as this one rather than serving your graphics locally, it uses up my bandwidth every time someone views your page. That costs ME money. Considering that this site doesn't even cover it's costs anyway, that's really not fair - it could even lead to this site closing. An good explanantion of bandwidth stealing is here.

The only money I get to contribute toward my costs of running this site are from my sales, so I allow people to serve small graphics from my site in exchange for a link ONLY AS SPECIFIED, for example on the pages:

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Any other embedding of my graphics is just not on, and will result in me changing the graphic to tell everyone what you're doing like this:

If you start to make websites or even just your own page, please be considerate. Many of the graphics used on this site are provided by the official Harry Potter site for use by webmasters. Why not join up and do it all properly. The web has more than enough lame-o amateur sites, and usually it's those who do things like stealing bandwidth.

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