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All of these places are probably far more likely to be of help if you want to know the latest HP Gossip.

The Official Warner Bros Harry Potter Movie Site
A beautiful site - no doubt the movie will be very pretty if the Official Site is anything to go by! - More Exams, the latest Harry Potter info etc.
Fabulous Potter Fan-fiction.

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It's expensive to run a high-traffic site and very difficult to cover it with advertising. Every single other early HP fansite that I had linked to when I started this site has since closed down. One even sold their url to a p*rn site! Sad, but that's the way of the web - it's all so commercial now, and bandwidth isn't cheap. I'm not willing to bombard people with unethical pop-up ads, so I can't guarantee how long I'll keep this site running at my own expense. So enjoy it while it's here!

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