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Here are the correct answers:



Q1 Apart from Owls, which birds deliver letters to Harry:
(b) tropical birds

Q2 When is Harry's birthday:
(d) July

Q3 Which Weasley has long hair and a fang earring:
(b) Bill

Q4 How old is Rita Skeeter:
(d) 43

Q5 The radio station WWN is:
(b) Wizarding Wireless Network

Q6 Hermione's club S.P.E.W. stands for:
(b) Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare

Q7 By which of the following names is Black NOT known:
(d) Moony

Q8 Dudley Dursley eats which of the Weasley twins' creations:
(d) Ton-Tongue Toffee



Q9 What is Professor Moody's nickname:
(d) Mad-Eye

Q10 Who teaches Astronomy:
(c) Sinistra

Q11 In which Tower is the Owlery located:
(c) West

Q12 How many house-elves work at Hogwarts:
(b) 100

Q13 Which House is Padma Patil a member of:
(c) Ravenclaw


Q14 Which of the following is smallest, at about ten inches high:
(a) gnomes

Q15 How long are baby Blast-Ended Skrewts:
(b) 6 inches

Q16 How long are fully-grown Blast-Ended Skrewts:
(d) 10 feet

Q17 What colour are Unicorn foals:
(c) gold

Q18 Who briefly substitutes for Hagrid, teaching Care of Magical Creatures:
(b) Grubbly-Plank

Q19 In Gobbledegook, the Goblin language,"Bladvak" means:
(a) pick-axe


Q20 What height are the goal hoops:
(c) 50 feet

Q21 Who knocked England out of the Quidditch World Cup preliminaries:
(d) Transylvania

Q22 Who got World Cup tickets for the Weasleys and Harry:
(a) Ludo Bagman

Q23 What is the seating capacity of the Quidditch World Cup Stadium:
(c) 100,000

Q24 Which of the following tactics is not used in the World Cup final:
(d) Double-Blind Bluff

Q25 Who is the Irish World Cup team's Seeker:
(b) Lynch


Q26 The incantation "Incendio":
(c) makes fire

Q27 The incantation "Accio":
(a) summons something

Q28 The incantation "Sonorus":
(d) increases volume

Q29 The incantation "Engorgio":
(b) increases size

Q30 The incantation "Quietus":
(d) decreases volume

Q31 The incantation "Prior Incantato":
(a) recreates the last spell

Q32 The incantation "Reducio":
(b) decreases size

Q33 The incantation "Deletrius":
(c) undoes the last spell

Q34 The incantation "Furnunculus":
(c) causes boils

Q35 The incantation "Densaugeo":
(a) makes teeth grow

Q36 The incantation "Avis":
(b) conjures up birds

Q37 A Confundus Charm:
(d) confuses

Q38 The illegal incantation "Crucio":
(d) causes excruciating pain

Q39 The illegal incantation "Avada Kedavra":
(a) kills instantly

Q40 The illegal incantation "Morsmordre":
(c) summons the Dark Mark

Q41 The illegal incantation "Imperio":
(b) puts someone under your control

Q42 What form is the Portkey that takes Harry to the Quidditch World Cup:
(d) an old boot

Q43 What form is the Portkey that takes Harry to Stoatshead Hill:
(b) an old rubber tyre

Q44 What form is the Portkey that takes Harry to Lord Voldemort:
(c) the Triwizard Cup


Q45 What is Malfoy transfigured into by Moody:
(a) a ferret


Q46 How long had it been since the previous Triwizard Tournament:
(d) over a hundred years

Q47 Fleur Delacour's wand is:
(d) Rosewood, 9 1/2 inches

Q48 In the First Task, Viktor Krum must get past which Dragon to get his Golden Egg:
(c) Chinese Fireball

Q49 Who won the Second Task:
(a) Cedric Diggory, with a Bubble-Head Charm

Q50 Which of the following does Harry NOT encounter in the Third Task:
(a) a Dementor

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