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Here are the correct answers:


Q1 Where does Harry get his Pocket Sneakoscope from:
(c) Ron buys it for him in Egypt

Q2 Who first realises Scabbers is an Animagus:
(d) Crookshanks

Q3 What does Bill Weasley do:
(c) curse-breaker for Gringotts Bank

Q4 Who does Harry inflate:
(a) Aunt Marge

Q5 Where does the Knight Bus pick up Harry:
(d) Magnolia Crescent

Q6 Who is Percy Weasley's girlfriend:
(a) Penelope Clearwater

Q7 Draco Malfoy's friends Crabbe and Goyle have the first names:
(b) Vincent and Gregory

Q8 What breed is Aunt Marge's dog Ripper:
(d) Bulldog

Q9 Lavender Brown's rabbit was called:
(a) Binky

Q10 Who was James and Lily Potter's Best Man at their wedding:
(a) Black


Q11 What does Hermione use to do extra subjects and Exams:
(a) Time-Turner

Q12 What is the Matron, Madam Pomfrey's first name:
(d) Poppy

Q13 What subject does Hermione quit around Easter:
(c) Divination

Q14 What are O.W.L. Exams:
(a) Ordinary Wizarding Levels

Q15 What are N.E.W.T. Exams:
(d) Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

Q16 What is the set text book for Arithmancy:
(c) Numerology and Grammatica

Q17 For the Final Exam for Transfiguration, students have to turn a teapot into a:
(b) tortoise

Q18 Which Exam is held at midnight:
(a) Astronomy

Q19 Makers of the Marauders Map were Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. Mr Moony was really:
(d) Remus Lupin

Q20 Mr Wormtail was really:
(a) Peter Pettigrew

Q21 Mr Padfoot was really:
(b) Sirius Black

Q22 Mr Prongs was really:
(c) James Potter


Q23 Who gives Harry permission to attend Hogsmeade at weekends:
(b) Black

Q24 Who runs the Three Broomsticks:
(c) Madam Rosmerta

Q25 What can you buy at Zonko's:
(c) Stink Pellets

Q26 What can you buy at the Three Broomsticks:
(b) Butterbeer

Q27 What can you buy at Dervish and Banges:
(d) Wands

Q28 What can you buy at Honeydukes:
(a) Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans


Q29 What helps counter the ill-effects of being exposed to a Dementor:
(d) chocolate

Q30 Where does Harry see his first Dementor:
(c) Hogwarts Express

Q31 Who gives Harry Anti-Dementor lessons:
(a) Lupin


Q32 What are the first creatures the students are introduced to by Hagrid in Care of Magical Creatures:
(d) Hippogriffs

Q33 Which of the following is NOT true of a Boggart:
(b) laughter makes them stronger

Q34 What must you NEVER do when dealing with a Hippogriff:
(c) insult it

Q35 Red Caps are:
(a) nasty little goblin-like creatures that lurk where there has been bloodshed

Q36 Kappas are:
(d) creepy water-dwellers from Mongolia that look like scaly monkeys

Q37 Grindylows are:
(c) green horned water-dwellers with very long brittle fingers

Q38 Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed on:
(d) 6th June

Q39 Who is Buckbeak's executioner:
(c) McNair


Q40 Which of the following is NOT contained in a Broomstick Servicing Kit:
(d) a copy of 'Quidditch Through the Ages'

Q41 What model is Harry's new broomstick (his second one):
(c) Firebolt

Q42 Which one of the following is a Gryffindor Beater:
(c) George Weasley

Q43 What colour is the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup:
(c) Silver

Q44 How is Harry's Nimbus Two Thousand destroyed:
(b) smashed to bits by the Whomping Willow


Q45 Which of the following is NOT an ingredient of Shrinking Solution:
(b) mandrake root


Q46 Professor Lupin uses the incantation "Waddiwasi" to:
(a) scare off Peeves the Poltergeist

Q47 Professor Lupin uses the incantation "Ferula" to:
(d) strap up a broken leg

Q48 Professor Lupin uses the incantation "Expecto Patronum" to:
(b) conjure up a positive protective force

Q49 Professor Lupin uses the incantation "Mobilicorpus" to:
(c) make Snape into a human puppet

Q50 The Fidelius Charm:
(c) conceals a secret within a single living soul

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