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Here are the correct answers:



Q1 Who was really responsible for the Hover Charm at 4 Privet Drive for which Harry received an official warning:
(d) Dobby the Elf

Q2 The Weasleys' home is called:
(a) the Burrow

Q3 What wouldn't you find in the Weasleys' garden:
(c) fairies

Q4 Which of the following is NOT true of Ron's Dad, Arthur Weasley:
(c) He is a Hogwarts School Governor.

Q5 Which of these Wizards wears a Bowler Hat:
(c) Cornelius Fudge

Q6 Which of the following is NOT true of He Who Must No Be Named:
(d) He's a Pure-Blood

Q7 Which of the following do Harry Potter and Voldemort NOT have in common:
(b) They both have a scar on their forehead

Q8 What is a Squib:
(c) a Pure Blood with no magical abilities

Q9 Azkaban is:
(a) the Wizard Prison


Q10 Which of these could you probably NOT buy at Borgin and Burkes:
(d) Floo Powder

Q11 What was Hagrid doing in Knockturn Alley:
(a) buying a Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent


Q12 Which of his books was Gilderoy Lockhart signing in Flourish and Blotts:
(b) Magical Me


Q13 What type of car do Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts:
(c) Ford Anglia

Q14 What is Hagrid's first name:
(c) Rubeus

Q15 What is Professor McGonagall's first name:
(a) Minerva

Q16 Gilderoy Lockhart won Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award:
(d) five times

Q17 Gilderoy Lockhart's favourite colour is:
(b) lilac

Q18 Who is secretly doing 'Kwikspell, a Correspondence Course in Beginners Magic':
(a) Filch the Caretaker

Q19 Nearly-Headless Nick celebrates which Deathday Party:
(d) His 500th

Q20 Mrs Norris is:
(c) a cat

Q21 Which of the following would you probably NOT find in Dumbledore's Office:
(a) a falcon

Q22 How many School Governors does Hogwarts have:
(d) twelve

Q23 Who was Headmaster of Hogwarts when Hagrid and Tom Riddle were students:
(c) Professor Dippet

Q24 When Gilderoy Lockhart tries to mend Harry's broken arm with a spell:
(d) he removes all the bones


Q25 What is Dobby the House-Elf wearing when he first meets Harry:
(c) a pillowcase

Q26 What is Aragog:
(a) a giant spider

Q27 What is a Basilisk:
(d) a giant snake

Q28 Which of the following is NOT true of a Phoenix:
(b) they cannot fly

Q29 Dobby is freed by Harry's:
(a) sock


Q30 How can a Mandrake kill:
(a) It screams when pulled from the ground


Q31 What position does Draco Malfoy play for Slytherin:
(b) Seeker

Q32 Which of the following has NOT played as Seeker:
(d) Oliver Wood

Q33 What shade of yellow are Hufflepuff's Quidditch robes:
(c) canary


Q34 Floo Powder enables you to:
(c) travel between wizard fires

Q35 Polyjuice Potion enables you to:
(d) turn into someone else

Q36 Which of the following is NOT an ingredient of Polyjuice Potion:
(a) ground Mandrake root

Q37 How long does Polyjuice Potion last:
(d) one hour

Q38 What's the antidote to a Swelling Solution:
(d) Deflating Draft


Q39 The incantation "Expelliarmus":
(d) disarms an opponent

Q40 The incantation "Aparecium":
(a) makes something invisible appear

Q41 The incantation "Lumos":
(b) creates light

Q42 The incantation "Tarantallegra":
(c) makes your opponent dance uncontrollably

Q43 The incantation "Obliviate":
(c) wipes memory

Q44 The incantation "Rictusempra":
(b) is a Tickling Charm

Q45 The incantation "Serpentsortia":
(d) conjures up a snake

Q46 The incantation "Finite Incantem":
(a) stops a previous spell


Q47 Which of the following does NOT help Harry in his fight with Tom Riddle:
(c) the Golden Snitch

Q48 Which of the following people did NOT write in Tom Riddle's Diary:
(b) Ron Weasley

Q49 What does Harry do to Tom Riddle's Diary to make him disappear:
(d) sinks a fang into it

Q50 Which of the following is NOT petrified or killed by the Basilisk:
(b) Oliver Wood

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