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Here are the correct answers:


Q1 Harry Potter's parents were killed by Lord Voldemort at:
(c) Godric's Hollow

Q2 Harry Potter's parents were named:
(a) Lily & James

Q3 The first snake Harry ever talks to is:
(b) a Brazilian Boa Constrictor

Q4 The Dursleys live at 4 Privet Drive:
(d) Little Whinging, Surrey

Q5 Harry's pet Hedwig is a:
(a) Snowy Owl

Q6 Scabbers the Rat belongs to:
(b) Ron

Q7 Harry's first broomstick is a:
(d) Nimbus Two Thousand

Q8 Hermione's parents are:
(c) Muggle Dentists


Q9 Gringotts Bank is run by:
(b) Goblins

Q10 Which of the following is NOT true of magical money:
(c) 1 Gold Galleon = 100 Bronze Knuts

Q11 What can you buy at Madam Malkin's:
(b) Robes for All Occasions

Q12 What can you buy at Ollivander's:
(c) Fine Wands since 382BC

Q13 Harry's wand is made from:
(c) Holly

Q14 Harry's wand has a core of:
(a) Phoenix Tail Feather



Q15 Which of the following are First-Years NOT allowed at Hogwarts:
(c) Broomstick

Q16 The Hogwarts Express leaves from Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters at which station:
(b) King's Cross

Q17 Which of these CAN'T you buy on Hogwarts Express:
(b) Mars Bars

Q18 "Famous Witches and Wizards" cards come with:
(a) Chocolate Frogs

Q19 Which ghost lives in Gryffindor Tower:
(d) Nearly-Headless Nick

Q20 Professor Quirrell teaches:
(a) Defence Against the Dark Arts

Q21 Professor Sprout teaches:
(d) Herbology

Q22 Professor Binns teaches:
(c) History of Magic

Q23 Professor Flitwick teaches:
(f) Charms

Q24 Professor McGonagall teaches:
(e) Transfiguration

Q25 Professor Snape teaches:
(b) Potions

Q26 The Mirror of Erised shows:
(c) your heart's desire


Q27 The three-headed dog who guards the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone is named:
(b) Fluffy

Q28 Norbert the Dragon is a:
(b) Norwegian Ridgeback

Q29 Which is NOT true of Trolls:
(d) they disappear when they die

Q30 A half-man, half-horse is called a:
(a) Centaur


Q31 How many players on a Quidditch side:
(c) Seven

Q32 What colour is a Quaffle:
(a) Red

Q33 How many Chasers per side:
(b) Three

Q34 How many hoops on a Quidditch pitch:
(d) Six

Q35 Which position protects the hoops:
(c) Keeper

Q36 What colour are Bludgers:
(b) Black

Q37 How many points does a side score for putting the Quaffle through a hoop:
(c) ten

Q38 How many points does a side score for catching the Golden Snitch:
(a) 150

Q39 What position controls the Bludgers:
(a) Beater

Q40 The Golden Snitch is the size of a:
(d) golf ball

Q41 How many ways are there to commit a Quidditch foul:
(b) 700

Q42 What position does Angelina Johnson play for Gryffindor:
(c) Chaser


Q43 What is a bezoar:
(a) a stone from the stomach of a goat, antidote for most poisons

Q44 What would you get if you add powdered root of Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood:
(b) Draught of Living Death

Q45 Which of the following is NOT an ingredient of a Boil-Curing Potion:
(d) wormwood

Q46 The blood of a Unicorn will:
(c) keep you alive, but cursed


Q47 The incantation "Alohomora" will:
(a) open a lock

Q48 The incantation "Wingardium Leviosa" will:
(d) make something fly

Q49 The incantation "Locomotor Mortis" is:
(b) the Leg-Locker Curse


Q50 For the final exam, you turn a mouse into:
(b) an ornate snuff-box

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